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Shaken but not stirred

Ok, this is getting strange. Was that another earthquake in Didsbury? Did my whole building just shake? Is this the second time I’m going to get to tag a story with ‘earthquake’, ‘Manchester’ and ‘exclusive’?So when you see it on the BBC or Granada, remember…you read it hear first!  Quick update: looks like this was a UK-wide earthquake. Twitterers are reporting  shakes in Sheffield, Lincoln, London and Leicester.


Did you feel the earth move?

Could it be a news scoop by a PR? Did Manchester just experience an earthquake? Well it seems it was a minor shudder at the very least.Reports are coming in from all over the city that they all felt the earth move. Watch out for the details coming soon to a news station near you.I think it’s the first time Mother Earth has had a PR agency working for her but here’s citizen journalism in action for you. Update:Full report can be found here. Sensational story and familiar headline here.