Did you feel the earth move?

Could it be a news scoop by a PR? Did Manchester just experience an earthquake? Well it seems it was a minor shudder at the very least.Reports are coming in from all over the city that they all felt the earth move. Watch out for the details coming soon to a news station near you.I think it’s the first time Mother Earth has had a PR agency working for her but here’s citizen journalism in action for you. Update:Full report can be found here. Sensational story and familiar headline here.


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  1. Elizabeth on

    Looks like you were first in the blogosphere with this scoop – at least according to the Google blog search button!

    Unfortunately, there were reports and discussions on Key103 (local radio) some time ago. Interesting to ponder what this means for breaking news. When the London underground bombs went off, I had to resort, again, to the radio, as internet traffic got clogged up. Maybe we shouldn’t write off radio advertising just yet… (and, no, I’m not in PR/radio – just interested in getting the most up to date community reports of the latest events)

    Hope your blog comes alive with this post.

  2. michaeljcooper on


    Thanks for your comment.

    Key 103 was quick off the mark. BBC Radio Manchester picked it up quickly too (my colleague phoned it in).

    Local radio is still hugely important. In many aspects, the technologically-advanced web 2.0 community are still playing catch up while radio perfected it years ago.

    With the recent flooding, everyone turned not to the web but to their local radio to find out what was going on. Traffic in the morning? It’s local radio every time.

    With radio it’s instant and no matter how fast your broadband speed, the web it still primarily text-based. Of course we’ll get there eventually. Watch this space.

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