Social Media Release

I’ve been following the online discussions that began with the recent Third Thursday event in San Francisco. You can listen to it in full here courtesy of For Immediate Release.

What I’ve witnessed is the same thing that seems to be happening time and time again within the social media community – people getting shot down for voicing their ideas.

I’ve been excited about the Social Media release since I first saw the initial concept from Todd Defren of SHIFT communications. The tradional release has been creaking around for a while now, changing form ever so slightly. Even in my career there has been a shift from sending out hard copies and killing trees to the standard email, only to be met with a quick-fire journalist who’s ready to hit that DELETE key.

The concept of the social media release sounds so appealing to me but I would really like the opinions of journalists. Essentially if it works and journalists like using it no-one, not even Stowe Boyd, will be able to stop the evolution of the press release.

I’m sure I’ll be joining the growing movement and I’ll be trying my best to attend the upcoming Social Media Club event in London on 15 Feb. I’m sure it’ll be an enlightening event which will define how UK agencies should proceed going forward.

Let me know if you’re planning to be there.


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